So, whats the point?

I started this page as a companion page to my existing blog/project The idea this photoblog was to give myself an outlet for photos that I may not otherwise have shared online other than perhaps flickr. I hope to use this as a means to share not only more of my photographic work with the world but also to share pieces of my life and the people in it and the things I find along the way. Some photos may be nicely developed and well thought out while others will be simple snapshots showing a moment in time that I felt was worth sharing.

There is no way to know where I will end up taking this photoblog and I am excited at the idea of having the means to quickly and easily post and orginize images online like this and present them in a simple, straightforward way so that anyone could come along and enjoy.

I will do my best to include my thoughts on photos I post but im sure that some of them will go with little to no commentary. I enjoy telling stories along with photos but don't always have time to devote to making sure they are interesting to everyone looking along.

I love taking photos and I love sharing them with the world, its a way to show life from my perspective and I look forward to seeing this site grow over time...

So at any rate, I think you get the idea. This site will be a place to share photos from my life, some just ideas, some simply memories, and others little stories hiding in the context. Enjoy!


I know there are many out there who love to know the tools behind the photos and so... I am shooting with a 5d paired with a Canon 50mm f/1.2L. I also have a Canon 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5 which is a brilliant lens but does not see nearly as much use as the L. I will soon add a 24mm 1.4L to the camera bag which I like to keep as basic as I can. I find that it does not take 10 lenses and a bunch of gear to take good photos, I certainly agree with the simple, minimal approach to photography.

I also just purchased an Elan 7ne which is a really solid film camera with a great feature to value ratio so I could get back into film again, I hope to eventually build up a small darkroom or at very least develop my own film. I plan on shooting mostly B&W film with it because there is something about it that I really miss in film that digital phtography just can not replace.

I also use a small reflector from time to time which allows me to utilize available light in interesting ways.

I typically shoot RAW these days because I feel that post editing feels smoother when shooting in this format. The software of choice for organizing my photos is Apples Aperture software which runs suprisingly well on my macbook....


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